Meet Craig, the newest member of our Brewing Team

Craig The Brewer
Craig The Brewer

We are very pleased to introduce you to Craig Buddle, our newest brewer who joined Sambrook’s in February. We sat down over a pint of Session and asked him a few questions:

Where did you work before Sambrook’s?

I worked at Speight’s Brewery in New Zealand and Loose Cannon Brewery, a snazzy little Ale/Craft brewery in Abingdon just outside Oxford.

What kinds of beers did you brew at Loose Cannon?

At Loose Cannon we made a mixture of Real Ales and Craft beers. While there, I created several beers including a Milk IPA (slightly sweet from the addition of milk sugar, with a big fruity aroma), Coffee Pale Ale (light amber pale ale with subtle coffee notes) and a Whisky Biscuit Ale (rich biscuit malts and aged for 5 weeks with whisky barrel oak chips).

 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a little town just outside Wellington, the craft beer capital of New Zealand.

What hobbies or sports do you do?

I love surfing and snowboarding. I play a bit of football and managed to successfully break myself playing rugby

People would be surprised if they knew:

My moustache is real.

If you could have one superpower or circus skill, which would you choose?

Super speed. You could travel the world without needing to book flights, or any of that malarkey, and I’m pretty sure if you move fast enough you could slow down time so you nip out for a surf during a mash rest.

What’s your favourite Sambrook’s beer?

Sambrooks Black IPA, smooth and rich with a big hoppy punch.

Although I have heard some big talk about Lavender Hill, I’ve yet to try it so we’ll see.

When not drinking Sambrook’s what’s your favourite beer, tipple or soft drink?

I’m a bit of sucker for trying beers I’ve never tried, so tend mix it up, but when in doubt I’ll reach for a Guinness. When I’m not on the beers I dabble in a bit of rum, a quality Appleton Estate or a lazy Captain Morgan’s Spiced Gold.


Happy New Year & Welcome to Sambrook’s New Blog

New Sambrook’s Blog.

First off let us wish you a Happy New Year! This is our first post on the new blog. Why a new blog? Well we need a place where we can share longer form information about what’s happening at the brewery, plans for year, new beers and much more. Many of these posts will be shared via our social media channels and email newsletter. So be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And keep an eye on our emerging YouTube channel – we’re very much looking forward to releasing our 1st Brewery Episode in a few weeks. For now we leave you with our Episodes trailer –